Makhana Sorter Machine
Makhana Sorter Machine

Makhana Sorter Machine

Product Detail:



  • Power 220 Volt (v)
  • Air Compressor yes
  • Air Pressure 0.6-0.8mpa mpa
  • Supply Ability : 5-10 Set Per Month


20000-200000 USD ($)

Product Price:

Product Description: Makhana Sorter Machine

Product Name: MakhanaSort Pro

Description: The MakhanaSort Pro is a cutting-edge sorting and grading machine specially designed for processing Makhana (Fox nuts or Gorgon nuts) efficiently and with unparalleled precision. Whether you are a Makhana farmer, processor, or a part of the food industry, this machine is engineered to enhance your production process by sorting and grading Makhana based on size, quality, and color.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Sorting: The MakhanaSort Pro is equipped with advanced optical sorting technology and conveyor systems, enabling high-speed and accurate sorting of Makhana at rates suitable for large-scale operations.

  2. Multi-Stage Sorting: This machine can sort Makhana based on size, ensuring uniformity in packaging and processing. It can also detect and remove defective or discolored nuts, guaranteeing only the highest-quality Makhana reach the market.

  3. Custom Sorting Parameters: The user-friendly interface allows operators to adjust sorting parameters such as size, color, and quality to meet specific requirements, offering flexibility for various Makhana products.

  4. Precision Grading: The MakhanaSort Pro can grade Makhana into multiple quality grades, allowing for the creation of premium and standard product lines.

  5. Minimal Product Loss: The sorting process minimizes product loss, ensuring that valuable Makhana is efficiently utilized and reducing waste.